Innovation through Technology
Our research and development team is built on PhD-level leadership with decades of experience in chemistry, biology, engineering and manufacturing. It’s one thing to provide a solution in a laboratory; it’s an entirely different challenge to scale up an economical manufacturing system. This is where our R&D team coordinates with process engineering, supply chain and quality control departments to solve complex, multi-faceted problems. Our labs are equipped with custom pilot-scale versions of our larger manufacturing equipment to simulate, analyze and fine-tune production processes before scaling up to a full production run.

Dedicated Labs:

• Cementing & Drilling Fluids

• Oilfield Stimulation

• Analytical

• Microbiology

• Polymer Chemistry

• Aquaculture

• QA / QC

• Process Engineering

Fritz Industries holds 30 patents in the following areas:

• Hydraulic Fracturing

• Well Drilling & Cementing

• Encapsulation

• Proppants

• Concrete Admixtures

Fritz Industries has written and published the following papers:

• Methodology for Evaluating Drag Reduction Characteristics of Friction Reducer

• A Novel High-Pressure, Low Temperature Perforation Diverter

• Quantifying Volume Expansion of Gas-Generating Materials in Cement Slurries

• Novel Slow-Release Particle Technology for Use in Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

• New High Viscosity Friction Reducers for Proppant Transport in Hydraulic Fracturing

• A Novel Relative Permeability Modifier Polymer

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