Fritz To Launch A Complete Rebranded Product Line

Packaging Redesign with Improved Product Formulations

(Mesquite, Texas – February 21, 2011) − Fritz Industries, Inc., a pioneer in the pet industry announced a complete redesign of their aquarium product packaging along with improved formulations and dosing guidelines designed to help consumers understand healthy aquarium maintenance.

Redesigned packaging is already shipping with Fritz Industries’ flagship biological products, FritzZyme® 7 & 9 – Live Nitrifying Bacteria, and FritzZyme® 360 & 460 Biological Aquarium Cleaner, with a complete roll-out of all water quality products expected early 2nd quarter of 2011. This is the first major change to Fritz branded products in over ten years, which have not been marketed heavily due to the manufacturers’ focus on private label products. The new, more consumer-friendly products come from over 40 years of experience in the pet and water quality industry and through the company’s own research and development department.

“Fritz is Back”
“We recently took a step back and looked at what we as a company have done the past few decades. I talked to many industry veterans, pet store owners and aquaculture pros – they all fondly remember the “Fritz” name, and the products that where unlike anything else on the market. Everyone had the same question: “where did you guys go?”. Even though we have been in continuous production with most of our products for 40 years, we have not done much in the way of marketing or advertising. Well, I’m calling all my friends now to give them the good news: “Fritz is back” There is already a lot of excitement and positive response just based on the early designs and changes we have been showing key people in the industry, now we are moving forward with our redesign.” – Mike Noce, Sales Manager – Fritz Industries, Inc. – Specialty Division

About Fritz Industries, Inc.
Founded in 1956 as Fritz Chemical Company by Fredrick “Fritz” Weisend, Fritz Industries became a pioneer in pet product manufacturing with the worlds first Live Nitrifying Bacteria for use in home aquariums, zoo exhibits and professional aquaculture systems. Fritz Industries operated a national wholesale and distributor program until 1997, and continues private label manufacturing for companies around the world.